Welcome to the Coalition to Save Lemay Forest

What is Lemay Forest?

Lemay Forest is one of the last intact riverbottom forests in the City of Winnipeg. It is a large A-B classification forest and greenfield situated on the banks of the Red River in the historic neighbourhood of St. Norbert.It is surrounded by additional contiguous riparian forest, and the St. Norbert dike system.

This land is also situated on river lots 84 and 85 – two of the last intact river lots in the city, existing largely in the state they did when they were surveyed when the province of Manitoba was created.

The Lemay Forest is a riparian (riverbottom) forest, home to many mature tree species including maple, green ash, elm, cottonwood, and basswood.

It is a nesting place for migratory birds, song birds, birds of prey, and the keystone species pileated woodpecker. It is also a wildlife corridor providing habitat and safe access for many wildlife species, reptiles and amphibians.

Watch our welcome to Lemay Forest video for a summary of what Lemay Forest is and why it’s important to the City of Winnipeg and its residents:

We've Launched a Fundraising Campaign!

We want to show our elected officials that the community is committed to the acquisition process, in both tangible and intangible ways. A grassroots fundraising campaign will send a clear message that we are committed to supporting the City of Winnipeg with their purchase of the 22-acre Lemay Forest and greenfield.

As of: January 15th, 2024:

We’ve officially surpassed our original fundraising goal of $5000! Thank you everyone!  

To date we’ve raised $6685 and we’d love to see it keep growing!

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Latest News

The Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development
January 11th Summary 
The committee voted to accept the motion as information so it will not be going on to Executive Policy Committee and Council. The battle is not over as Markus Chambers and others are working behind the scenes to secure other funding partners. The message is cautious optimism.
So let’s let them do the work behind the scenes and we will post updates as they come!
Where do we go from here?
We have faith that Markus Chambers and the elected officials he is working with to secure funding partners to acquire the Lemay Forest, are working with our communities’ best interests in mind as they tackle this project.
Markus Chambers is aware that we are ready to help and he will let us know when that time comes!
In the meantime:
  • We will continue to fundraise (link is in featured posts at the top)
  • We will continue the process of acquiring grassroots non-profit status.
  • We will continue to engage on social media!
Let’s be cautiously optimistic together!
Thank you Markus Chambers, Ryan Palmquist, Save Our Seine River Environment Inc., Trees Winnipeg – Coalition to Save the Elms, Manitoba, Inc., Erna Buffie, Trees Please Winnipeg, Heritage St. Norbert, Aaron Kim Johnston, OURS-Winnipeg and everyone in this group for your support!

Click here to read the disposition or to watch the meeting.

Read our 2023 Year in Review Newsletter

We acknowledge that the Lemay Forest and greenfield land where we seek refuge, photograph its creatures and benefit from is situated on Treaty 1 Territory, the lands stolen from the Anishinaabeg, Anishininewuk, Dakota Oyate and Denesuline Nations, and the homeland of the Red River Métis. We acknowledge the harms of the past, and we dedicate ourselves to move forward in partnership with Indigenous peoples in reconciliation and collaboration.

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